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What's better than great skin?

Inner peace. I'm not joking.

For some people, the last year or so have wreaked havoc on all aspects of life. The need to find joy, find yourself, find your center and find inner peace is paramount to being able to cope with whatever comes your way.

Though many aspects of my life remained stable during 2020 and the beginning of 2021, many stressors were involved that had not been part of any other year.

Finding joy in relationship with others in conversation - whether in person or not - sustained me.

Contemplating the meaning of life and love through books I read sustained me. (Because me and books. 😊📚)

Giving gratitute to the Creator for my blessings sustained me.

Love from my family sustained me.

Grounding myself in Nature sustained me.

I encourage you to find your joy. Find your inner peace so that you are at comfort within yourself since your relationship with the Creator or Love or the Universe is all that you will have at the time of your departing this earth.

One additional thing I did recently was attend a Wise Women workshop led by the fabulous Hollee Freeman. Via Zoom, Hollee led us through introductions and writing prompts and sharing of our words with each other. There were women from their 40s to 80 years of age from all over the U.S. It was affirming, encouraging and thought-provoking. And it reminded me to hug trees! 🌳

For other such classes, check out Holee's website and The Innerwork Center.

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