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Jumping for joy for all my swaps!

Losing my mission-based work with Beautycounter was very difficult. As I get to know more about Shaklee and their mission, I am filled with joy to be able to share safer and efficacious products with all of you.

In case you wanted ONE place to be able to look and find Shaklee swaps for your Beautycounter favorites, here you go!

Daily shampoo and conditioner ➡️ ProSante Revitalizing Shampoo & Replenishing Conditioner $15.40 each

Clean Deo ➡️Protect Deodorant $20

Body scrub ➡️Reveal Body Exfoliant $42

Body wash ➡️Revitalize Body Wash $22

Body lotion ➡️Nourish Body Lotion $32

Body serum ➡️Restore Body Serum $52

(Body Ritual Trio - body wash, body serum, body lotion $99)

Charcoal bar ➡️Pomifera Body Butter Cleansing Bar Charcoal $16

Charcoal Mask ➡️YOUTH Purifying Clay Mask $27

Face Wash (Countercontrol, Countermatch or Countertime) ➡️YOUTH Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser $44

Facial Exfoliant ➡️Pomifera Restore Facial Exfoliant $37

Face Oil #3/Balancing ➡️Pomifera Rose: Anti aging serum and complete moisturizer $51 (does not smell like rose)

Countercontrol or All Bright Toner➡️ YOUTH Perfecting Skin Toner $44

Countermatch Serum ➡️YOUTH Moisture Activating Serum $89

Eye cream ➡️ YOUTH Restoring Eye Treatment $55

Mighty Plump Ceramide Cream or Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion ➡️YOUTH Moisture Lock Day Cream $55

Countertime Soft Cream or Countermatch Sleep Cream ➡️YOUTH Advanced Renewal Night Cream - Light $55

Countertime Supreme Cream ➡️YOUTH Advanced Renewal Night Cream - Rich $55

All Bright Vitamin C Serum ➡️YOUTH Radiance C+E (twice as much Vitamin C) $89

Face spf 25 ➡️ YOUTH Age Defense Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30 $44

Dewskin Tinted Moisturizer spf 20 ➡️YOUTH Activating BB Cream spf 30 $38

Think Big Mascara ➡️YOUTH Lash Revitalizing and Conditioning Mascara $43

Lip gloss ➡️Pomifera Glaze Lip Oil $26

Flawless in 5 ➡️ Simpli-5 (5 minute face) $155

Products Beautycounter did not have that I am loving!

Renew Lip Serum $20

YOUTH Ageless Sculpting Wand for Face and Neck $74

YOUTH Ageless Smoothing Wand for Eyes $57


Vita Lea Gold Multi Vitamin

Osteo Matrix supplement

Collagen 9 supplement

Life Shake pea protein shakes - vanilla, chocolate and orange crush

Rest and Rewind tea for sleep

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