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From the Real Everything blog by Stacy Toth:


Anyone else getting unwelcome visits from Perry Menopause? From brain fog and lack of sleep to itchy skin and blemishes, not to mention general raging hormones - the transition into menopause isn't fun. And, starts a whole lot sooner than our grandmother's ever clued us in on! If you're not ready for hormone replacement therapy or simply looking for ways around the side effects, here are 5 Science-Based Tips and Tools for Perimenopause Symptom Relief and some Shaklee products that have helped a LOT.


• Collagen 9, the most complete collagen product – all of the 9 amino acids Dr. Lyon refers to

• Vivix, anti-aging at the cellular level

• Flora & Flow, easy-to-take capsules for vaginal and urinary tract health

• Rest & Rewind tea, relaxing mint tea for restful sleep and anti-aging

• of course LifeShake for added protein

• and maybe some Cheer Up & Chill Out gummies wouldn’t hurt!


Remove additional hormonal burdens

Endocrine disrupting chemicals is another term for “things that mess with your hormones.” Removing things like plastic food containers from your home, saying no to receipts and lined take out containers high in PFAS, switching over your home cleaning products and personal care – especially removing fragrance as an ingredient, have been shown in numerous studies to have measurable improvement in hormone health within just 3 days. (1) Avoid use of estrogenic personal care products Estriol and Estrodiol have become all the vogue for over-the-counter anti-aging skincare. However, they and placental extracts, which are likely to contain natural progesterone and estrogens, as well as estrogenic compounds themselves, are listed as a known carcinogens.

(2) While estrogen may be added to some anti-aging creams for its effectiveness in raising collagen count and increasing skin hydration, it can also cause our internal hormones to go askew. If seeking hormone replacement therapy, do so under the supervision of a medical professional and not something marked by an influencer. Shaklee's YOUTH is the clinically-backed ant-aging line I use. EWG Verified safe with no hormone disrupting chemicals, and strong science to show it reduced the age of more than 2/3 users over a decade with 100% seeing reduced signs of aging using the measured (not perception) Skin Aging Index.

Become un-dependent on substances

If I hadn’t seen incredible results from my own hormone regulation from this, I wouldn’t be suggesting you “take away” something that probably feels near and dear to your heart. I get it, I had the same feelings! And, as we age between the brain fog, energy dips, and unstable mood we can become tempted to reach for a quick fix. But the more potentially harmful substances we are leaning on, the worse our symptoms will get. Many of the symptoms below overlap with perimenopause, which means they will compound with use. Alcohol affects your brain, heart, liver, pancreas, and immune systems as well as being a carcinogen.

(3) Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which can lead to agitation and ultimately anxiety, restlessness, irritability, sleep troubles, sweating, cortisol and other hormone health negative effects, blood sugar dysregulation, and even blocks calcium absorption causing bone loss - a risk for menopausal women.

(4) Both alcohol and caffeine dehydrate you, which also exacerbates symptoms.

Do not skip breakfast.

While you may have heard of Intermittent Fasting, did you know most of the potential benefits touted are a) tested on men, and b) not a full picture? In fact, the science is very clear: Eating breakfast early reduced insulin resistance, and feeding window didn’t matter. People who start eating before 8:30 am had lower blood sugar levels and less insulin resistance. And in a different study it shows it doesn’t even really matter what you’re eating – even regular breakfast cereal consumption is associated with lower stress levels and reports of better physical and mental health. (5) Another study showed female breakfast-skippers display a disrupted cortisol rhythm and elevated blood pressure. (6) An easy solution is the coffee-flavored Cafe Latte Life Shake that is caffeine-free! Not only will you have an easy to digest, quick to make and on-the-go ready solution, but it's packed with nutrients your body needs!

Support Your Body with Added Nutrients

Supporting your body with habits that nourish and fuel, as well as prioritizing sleep was noted above as having an impact on what you can do at home. Reminder, they were: Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats. smoothies & soups, I’m telling you – once it’s your first meal of the day you’re all set! Perform weight-bearing exercises like walking, hiking or strength training. with energy from an early breakfast you will desire to move your body in a joyous way, but beware of intense cardio exercise which may exacerbate symptoms Improve sleep hygiene by avoiding screens and doing relaxing activities before bed. The Rest & Rewind tea is a game changer!

Quit and limit smoking, alcohol and caffeine. see above.

Practice meditation or other stress management techniques.

Ensure a balanced system with probiotics

In addition to the added micronutrients we need to fuel our cells, protein (a macro nutrient) is essential for long-term wellness as we age. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, author of the book Forever Strong, has worked in geriatric medical facilities and learned that the biggest factor for long-term health is skeletal muscle. That if we prioritize enough protein and movement through peri and menopause that we can beat some of the statistics. In fact, a 2005 study (which incidentally controlled for gender, age, and smoking, which many other studies before that time did not do) found overweight individuals had lower mortality rates than people in the normal weight category. (12) This is because their bodies were stronger to withstand falls, sickness, etc. Which is why it’s SO important to prioritize muscle health as we age!


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