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Find what brings you JOY. Focus on joy for the best self-care.

And when time is an unknown resource, focus on small things you can do for yourself. Think 2 minutes and under.

Take Care of Yourself 

Self care is taking care of all the parts of you.  Though thinking about self care in terms of 2-minute fixes or monthly massages is appropriate, I suggest that self care is a lot more about all about you.  You have to learn to take care of your spirit and your heart.  For me, having discussions with family and friends and reading are big parts of my self care journey.  I would love to hear your thoughts on books that I review in the comments.

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Did You Know... 


Did you know that long-term stress can lead to serious health problems?

Did you know that there are simple ways to relieve your stress, beyond just "bubble baths"?

Did you know that moms are stressed about their stress?

Self Care in 2 Minutes or Less


When someone says self care, I sometimes roll my eyes.  Do you feel like you are being asked to find time for one more thing?  But I have learned to take small moments for myself throughout the day. 


Shifting your gaze from a screen to the horizon or up to the tops of the trees or to the sky changes your brain

Place a hot wet washcloth over your face and eyes and leave it there for a minute or two.  Breathe deep.


Grab your favorite safe scent and inhale. I love to mist my face with Beautycounter's facial mist for a mid-afternoon pick me up. Keep the mist in the refrigerator for an even better soothing quick mist experience! 

Here is a handy PDF for your reference:

Print this out and put up in your office for a reminder to take care of yourself!

Featured Blog Post 


I discovered my own desire to share & create when I read Elizabeth Gilbert's wonderful book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. It was transformational for me, and I recommend it for anyone!

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