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Changing my eating habits has been transformational for me on my journey to clean & bright living. With simple and small adjustments, it can be transformational for you, too!

My Journey to Clean & Bright Eating


Perhaps one of the hardest arenas for my family and yours to adapt is our food choices. In the past 11 years ago, my family left fast-food restaurants behind, cleaned up the refrigerator and pantry for more whole foods and less packaged foods, and went organic where we could. Our habits have drastically changed for the better. Again, we are not perfect or anywhere near it, but when I hear my girls talk about the difference in what they eat and what a lot of their peers eat, I know I have made a difference. 

Stuffed Avocado

Did You Know...


Did you know plant-based diets can reduce your risk for a myriad of physical health issues as well as mental health issues?


Did you know that a plant-based diet can actually be less expensive than an omnivorous diet?

Did you know that purchasing organic products is better for both you and the environment?

The changes can be profound.

It can be overwhelming to think about significantly changing your eating habits, but you will be glad you did! The change for me was profound. It can be for you, too.

My Picks

Do a pantry DO OVER so that you are not tempted to eat things your body does not need or does not get proper nutrients from.  I always try to have fresh fruit and veggies in the house. But for backup, here are some of my favorite swap outs for packaged snacks:

1) Chips to Thrive Market Organic Veggie Sticks

2) Crackers to Mary's Gone Crackers 

3) Peanuts to Raw Almonds

4) Dip to Cashew Nuts for making an easy dip in the Vitamix

5) Chocolate candy to Organic Dark Chocolate like Theo Dark Chocolate bars

6) Fruit gummies to Stretch Island Fruit Leather or Organic no sugar added dried fruit

7) peanut butter to Justin's Classic Almond Butter (and check out the other flavors!)

8) Protein powder to Shaklee's Life Shake with 20 g protein, gf, vegan, non GMO, kosher, non dairy, low glycemic


When you are looking at products in packaging, look for products that are 5 ingredients or less and are all ingredients you recognize.

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