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Toes in the Sand - Swtich to safer nail polish

I have seen so many pretty toes this summer on social media! And of course my brain goes to: is that safer nail polish?!?!

Why? Because nail polish contains many harmful ingredients including endocrine disruptors like phlalates. Great information can be found at the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners:

My two favorite safer nail product companies are Cote and Ella+Mila.

Cote usually has 25% off on the website and frequently a free shipping option.

I purchase Ella+Mila at Target. 

For nail polish remover, the Ella+Mila did not work well for me, but the Cote nail polish remover worked great.

Take your safer nail polish with you to your salon. You can help educate about safer products too!

RVA peeps: Try Holy Chic + Co or Atir Natural Nail Care Clinic for safer options and practices that promote health and sustainability for you and the salon staff.

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