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SAFER SUMMER at the beach and pool

Whether you are headed to the beach or the pool, you can choose safer, more eco friendly and more sustainable products. Everyone is shopping online these days and you can grab SAFER shopping online too. No extra errands required.

If you're like me, you want a bathing suit that FITS and that lasts more than one season. Trust Athleta to provide high performance bathing suits for ALL sizes. I love the bra cup sized tankinis that have adjustable straps. These put the girls where they belong and keep them there without fear of an oops or pop out! I also have gotten many summers' worth from the long sleeve spf swim shirts from Athleta. There are different styles and colors to choose from. TIP: Grab all the high performing Athleta swimsuits and swimshirts you need on their SALE or CLEARANCE page. You can stock up at a great discount. And BONUS, Athleta is a B corporation. When you are lounging at the beach or pool, take a minute to check out their sustainability goals ( go to the website and scroll down to the bottom and click on Sustainablility).

Protect the head! Wear an spf hat that covers your entire head. Please do not wear a hat with a hole in the top (or a visor). My mother in law had skin cancer on the very back and top of her head that went into sweat gland cancer and into her skull bone last summer. You DO NOT want to go through this ordeal. Grab a great spf protection hat for when you will be in direct sun for more than 30 minutes (after grabbing some much needed Vitamin D) from Patagonia. Patagonia is also a B corporation. To read about this company's efforts, go to the Patagonia website and click on Activism.

Protect your eyes! Wear sunglasses with UV protection. Check out the super stylish frames and sunglasses from Blue Plant Eco Eyewear. Not only do they perform (May and I both have a pair), but they are also eco friendly. "Blue Planet Eyewear’s Eco-processed Polarized collection is repurposed with reclaimed plastics and metals, with standard polarized lenses that provide 100 percent ultra-violet A (UVA) and ultra-violet B (UVB) protection. Offering reflective or anti-reflective lens coatings, all styles are packaged in Blue Planet's signature drawstring case." (More on this company's blue light protective readers coming up in next Monday's blog on SAFER SUMMER Staycation!)

Our whole family has been wearing Sanuk flip flops for years because of COMFORT! They are made from recycled yoga mats, and they really give extra squish and padding. And check out their vegan and responsible leather styles! Read their corporate responsibility report on their web page to see all the great things a company can do for the planet and for people AND be profitable! You can also order from Amazon here.

And of course, please do not spend a day or afternoon at the beach or pool without safer sunscreen! You know my pick is Beautycounter because of the safety and the results. I do not burn when wearing our spf 30 sunscreen lotion. It has great staying power. When I exit the pool, I see the water beads on my skin! 20% (ish) zinc oxide provides the barrier my skin needs.

We also have non nano non aerosol sunscreen spf 30 spray and a spf 30 face stick for easy application and re application on kids (and husbands!). (If you are new to Beautycounter, use code CLEANFORALL20 at checkout for 20% off [offer good until August 10].)

So now that I've got you suited up head to toe for a beach or pool day, what do you do when you come back inside?

My FAVORITE product to apply to my face after a day in the sun, salt, water and wind is Beautycounter's Countertime Mineral Boost Hydrating Essence. I get an INSTANT boost of moisture and soothing. Apply in 3 layers (just like I do every morning - but that's another topic - 50+ skincare. Sign up for a consultation with me and I will make it worth your while!)

For chapped or burned skin on any member of the family, keep the Beautycounter Countersun After Sun Cooling Gel on hand. With aloe and California poppy extract, it cools on contact to help soothe skin post UV exposure and boost hydration—safely.

For your wind or water tangled hair, use Beautycounter's Not a Knot Kids Conditioner as a leave in conditioner to help comb through knotted hair or use this kids' conditioner in a spray bottle with some purified water added as a detangler. And the price is right on this at $18 for 10 full ounces (20% for new to Beautycounter clients with code CLEANFORALL20 through August 10).

To calm hair and add back some softness and moisture, use BEAUTY FOR ALL sea salt spray. This is a great product for enhancing your beach-y waves look! Once Beautycounter discontinued our sea salt spray, I had to find another SAFE replacement to offer to clients. I am happy to report that male and female clients are very pleased with the results with this product. "Hair is soft and smells great." 'It keeps my hair under control."

So enjoy your time this summer at the beach and the pool! August is here and will fly by!

If you are not heading out to the beach or pool, but are staying home for vacay, look for a blog post next week on my favorites for a safer staycation!

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