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Follow your instinct

A huge part of self care for me is following my passion.

I joined Beautycounter 5 years ago as part of the journey of following my passion to educate about safer products, and then added business coaching with Wonder Woman Mary Foley ( a couple of years ago. The work with Mary and the Rev Up Society group has nurtured me, taught me, encouraged me and ultimately has led to this website that I love so much!

Back in March when many things were shutting down, I was able to ramp up my energy and my offering of education about safer products and clean and bright living. And then I launched this website with the help of Emilie Davis of Linkhouse Consulting ( which I LOVE! Guess where I met Emilie? Through connections with Mary Foley!

Check out this snippet of me and Mary Foley talking about following your instinct!

And the book I just finished reading (for the 2nd time) with my book club is The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. One of the main characters follows her instinct through super difficult challenges in antibellum South. While my challenges today are nothing like hers were then, the theme of listening to your inner voice and following that are definitely the same. You won't know who you were created to be until you do listen to your own spirit. Here are 2 quotes from that lead character Sarah and for those of you who have also read Untamed by Glennon Doyle, you can see the same themes:

"I'd been wandering about in the enchantments of romance, afflicted with the worse female curse on earth, the need to mold myself to expectations."

"Strangest of all, it was the first time thoughts of equality had entered my head, and I could only attribute it to God, with whom I'd lately taken up and who was proving to be more insurrectionary than law-abiding."

Let yourself fly.

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