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UPDATING my B corp list of favorites!

When my website launched in July 2020, I listed many of my favorite B corps for you and those hold true!

I found this great article from Business Insider from February 2021 that lists many great B corps. I shop from and can vouch for the products on BI's list from Bombas, Beautycounter, Patagonia and Athleta.

One of my new FAVORITES is Huge thanks to Jennifer E. for sharing about them with me! LastSwab is an alternative to the everyday cotton swab. Made from TPE, PP, and stored in a bio-based carrying case, one LastSwab is meant to replace 1000 single-use cotton swabs. There is a 'traditional' shape like a Q tip and there is a 'beauty' one with a more angled and lengthened shape for which you can add a mirror to the case. INGENIOUS!

Another favorite that I shared recently after my friend Julie told me about it is Thrive Market. The company earned their B corp status in the Fall of 2020 and are the largest grocer to earn this designation.

And are there companies in the world looking out for people and planet that do not have the B corp designation? Of course. Daily Harvest would be one of my new favorites for keeping frozen meals and snacks on hand that are actually tasty and healthy.


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