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Sleeping safely

Sleep is so important to our health. Check out the science behind the need for sleep.

I recently met Dr. Pamela Stubbs, Board Certified Sleep Specialist, here in Richmond VA. She is also a Board certified Pediatrician with post graduate training in Internal Medicine, Adult and Child Neurology.

Check out the rest of her background: I am also a medical researcher, trained master gardener, and medical missionary. During the Coronavirus pandemic, I finally found time to complete my studies and became a Certified Nutrition Specialist, The research is finally catching up to what I believed for most of my career as a sleep specialist and expert in Restless Legs Syndrome, diet affects sleeping.

Poor nutritional quality of the diet, sleep disruption due to excessive sugar consumption, and eating out of alignment with circadian rhythms adversely impact health. I teach how to suppress sugar cravings, eat with all of our senses, the importance of sleep patterns, and duration to the enhancement of health and sleeping well.

Most sleep specialist focus on cognitive behavioral therapy as the primary treatment for insomnia. Before starting CBT, I look at diet. "United States leads the world in consumption of added sugars." Nearly 58% of American eat more than the recommended daily amount of sugar. We've been lead to believe sugar is harmless. That is far from the truth. I share more about the health impacts of sugar in my video on my blog:"

I love helping women increase health span using sleep, nutrition, exercise and faith. During the pandemic, I created the private Facebook group, Minding the Temple" and moved my wellness courses online. I am blessed that so many people have benefited from my helped them reverse illnesses."

Dr. Stubbs and I have been going back and forth about how to make your bedroom more healthful. My focus is on safer products - that is, products that do not contain ingredients known to be unsafe or are questionable and untested.

Here are ways to clean up your bedroom from toxins:

For additional help, sign up with me for a consultation.


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