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Shower Shelfie-approved 📱- All Things HAIR

👀 Looking for good hair days ahead? I have you covered in the list below of all things safer, cleaner and high performance for your hair.

Most of you know that I started my clean and bright journey with Beautycounter, the leader of clean beauty in North America. My friend's post on Facebook about 'safer shampoo' was my first exposure to Beautycounter, and my first understanding that the FDA does NOT regulate the products that we put on our hair and skin every single day. Fast forward five years, and I have tried many cleaner products for hair care, and I have great suggestions for you here.

I have used and continue to use the Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner from Beautycounter almost every day. It works really well with my longer, thick and color-treated hair as well as with my youngest daughter's long and thick tresses AND my husband's super short cut. And as with most safer, cleaner brands, there is no filler in the products so they last longer as you need less product per wash. See the next picture to see how much less product you need. Oh, and did I mention the price? Only $26 each.

For a leave-in conditioner or a conditioner for drier or super curly hair, use Beautycounter's Kids Not a Knot Conditioner. And an added bonus is the price point of $18 for 10 full ounces. And you can add this to a spray bottle and add distilled water for an easy spray-on, leave-in option.

If you need other shampoo and conditioner suggestions, please check out the list below. I have tried all of these and recommend them. For those of you with a sensitive sense of smell, you will want to avoid the Davines options as the smell will stay heavy in your hair for many days. (If you want the Rahua options at a discount, email me -

Rahua Classic Shampoo and Conditioner

Rahua Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner

Oils for frizz:

You know I love a multi tasking product, so if you have frizzy hair, add a few drops of oil through wet hair or to the ends of dry hair. I have used both the Baby Oil and the Body Oil from Beautycounter for this purpose. Anyone else have crazy white corkscrew hairs with their flyaways?

Texture and beachy waves:

To add texture or to enhance beachy waves, I LOVE recommending Sea Salt Spray by Beauty by Earth. It has a nice light scent of aloe and leaves hair super soft. My hubby loves this product!!

Hair spray:

My go-to hair spray is the medium hold by Davines. If you are not familiar with Davines, it is an Italian line combining performance with sustainability. It is a B corporation and does not test on animals.

From the website: Since 2018, Davines has been carbon neutral on the production of packaging across all product lines. We are proud to support the non-profit EthioTrees land and forest regeneration project in Ethiopia to offset the carbon emissions from the manufacturing of our products while sustaining local agricultural communities and an easier access to clean water.

At our carbon neutral Davines Village in Parma, Italy, where we manufacture our products, we exclusively power the factory and office using electrical and thermal energy derived from renewable sources. Every product that we formulate, design and produce is also made with clean energy.

To purchase Davines products in person, go to Serendipity Salon in Midlothian and at Elle Style Studio at Patterson and Libbie.

Dry shampoo (i.e. LIFE saver!!!): My favorite dry shampoo is Davines Hair Refresher. Maybe buy 2 at a time. 😉

Hair color: Once again, Davines is my pick for professional salon hair color. If you need a safer option for at home, check out Madison Reed or Manic Panic. I have not personally tried these as I do not attempt at home hair color. However, I have many Beautycounter co-workers that did love Madison Reed during quarantine.

Other hair care questions? Schedule a consultation with me to get the products you need.

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