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Safer self tanner UPDATE

UPDATE on self tanner! My other post about self tanner was almost 2 years ago and I have a few updates!

My favorite safer great performing self tanner is Beauty By Earth. I use the Fair to Medium shade even though the website says that the Medium to Dark works for most people. I appreciate that this self tanner creates a natural-looking color without super heavy scent like many self tanners. As with most self tanners, the recommendation is to apply with a glove that you can purchase with the self tanner. I have had great success just applying like a lotion with my hands, making sure not to get too much product on the knee and elbow areas. You can also purchase a specific face self tanner from this brand. You can purchase this brand's products on Amazon too.

To prep your skin for self tanning, you should exfoliate. I love Beautycounter's Sugar Buff Body Polish in Lemongrass. And for your face I highly recommend Beautycounter's new Reflect Effect AHA Smoothing Mask. The bouncy gel formula is supercharged with a unique blend of chemical and physical exfoliants, like AHA glycolic acid and bamboo particles. Plus, hydration-boosting saccharide isomerate soothes skin for an ultra-soft complexion. Use it up to twice a week for effective results.


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