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Want a Healthy, Sun-Kissed Look?

Want that healthy, sun-kissed look?  That's fine, but please use safer products.  One self-tanning product I just looked up touted by a supposed health-focused company has known carcinogens in the ingredient list and ingredients that help harmful chemicals to be absorbed faster into your skin.  IT EVEN COMES WITH A WARNING ON THE WEBSITE.

Instead, use EWG's free APP Healthy Living as a starting point to check the safety of your favorite tanning products. One of my favorite companies for self-tanners is ECO TAN.

Another option for a quick nonpermanent bit of color for day use with spf 30 is Beautycounter's Countersun Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Mist.  You can use this for a day out and about, or just on your legs for the beach and pool like I do so I don't blind everyone else! 

An option for evening is Beautycounter's Glow Shimmer Oil.  This luxurious dry-oil formula—made with nourishing jojoba, grape-seed, and sesame oils—absorbs immediately into your skin to deliver a radiant, even glow. Use it for a subtle bronze boost and a hint of shimmer. 

For a sun-kissed look specifically for the face, use one of Beautycounter's Bronzer in Cabana.  Apply it wear the sun naturally hits your face: brush it on under the chin, on the hairline at the temples and along the hairline above your forehead, down the bridge of the nose, on the eyebrow bone and under the cheekbones at the ear.


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