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Clean pro aging skincare line with clinical results, without the compromise!

If you loved Beautycounter’s Countertime or Countermatch skincare, check out Shaklee's YOUTH skincare line. It’s also EWG verified and includes Shaklee’s vital repair complex to target aging signs. The “FREE OF" list includes parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and OVER 2,500 questionable ingredients that you will never find in any YOUTH products. Sound familiar?

I always recommend 4 steps to a regimen for healthier skin. Cleanse, Prep, Treat, Protect. 1) Luminous Gel Oil Cleanser 2) Perfecting Skin Toner 3) Moisture Activating Serum 4) for DAY: Moisture Lock Day Cream (think Mighty Plump Ceramide Cream) or for NIGHT: Advanced Renewal Night Cream (choose light or rich).

These are the basic steps, however there are additional products offered in the Youth line to target specific concerns, including the Restoring Eye Treatment (best of Countertime and Countermatch eye cream with an awesome applicator). Get this product FREE with a youth regimen.

I also add the Renew Lip Serum from the body line as the last step before bed. Don’t forget to care for your lips.

Running low on some Beautycounter skincare favorites or just want to make some clean skincare swaps? Let me know how I can help.

Always reach out to me before shopping to make sure you are getting the best deal!

Credit to Stacy Toth and Jen Ertl for some verbiage.

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