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Lazy Makeup removal is better than no makeup removal

I have shared before my friend's Ky's (@moderngreengoddess) trick to cleansing your skin at night when you are just TOO TIRED. Keep makeup wipes and a great face oil or nighttime moisturizer on your bedside table. Now you have no excuse not to take off your makeup and help your skin as your sleep!!!

I love updating this website as clients ask me for safer high performing product recommendations. I research and test products before I suggest them. And when the leader of clean beauty Beautycounter discontinues products, I also go looking for the best alternatives.

The cult favorite makeup wipes that are bio degradable in your backyard by Beautycounter are being discontinued. I have found that Billie's makeup wipes perform really well and have a 2 rating on EWG's Healthy Living. These are not biodegradable so if you are a camper or want this convenience check out Simple's makeup wipes that are biodegradable in 42 days. These do contact one ingredient that rates a 4 on EWG but otherwise, they check out. (And remember that Billie makes the shaving cream that I recommend and gets a thumbs up from everyone in my household! It's hard to please everyone!)


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