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Sometimes you need a safer substitute

My go-to for most personal care products and cosmetics for me and my family is from the leader of clean beauty, Beautycounter. And yes, full disclosure, I LOVE being a consultant for the company which is a B corp and has 3 pillars: education, innovation and advocacy.

Sometimes for lots of different reasons, a Beautycounter product may be discontinued or temporarily out of stock. I do my best to post safer, high performing alternatives here on my website.

Once such product right now is the Counterman Shave Cream which is LOVED by several in my household, my extended family and my clients. Billie shave cream was deemed as effective and smells as good as Counterman by my in-house tester. Most shave creams come in an aerosol can, which is bad for the environment and not so hot for your skin. Both Counterman and Billie are non aerosol.

Full disclosure, Counterman is EWG verified and though Billie Shave Cream scores a 1 on EWG, data is limited and there is one ingredients that scores a 5.

FYI Counterman lovers: Restock of the shave cream is slated for late November!


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