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Joy for Joggers

I am loving living life in joggers! In the old days, we just called them sweatpants 😂 but now I'm happy to call them joggers!

What I don't love about joggers is the price. When I can, I support brands that are choosing ethical and sustainable practices. Sometimes these products can be pricey. So I was thrilled to find Coyuchi. The regular price for a pair of joggers is about half of some other B corp brands I frequent AND the price is even better if you shop the SALE section of the website. This brand has apparel and homewares. The apparel includes basic tshirts, joggers, pajamas, robes and slippers. The homewares offers lots of linens in organic sustainable cotton. Sign up with your email to get $30 off an order of $200.

Quick description of the company's mission: to make the highest-quality products while leaving the least possible impact on the earth.

And just in case you're wondering: The word “coyuchi” means coyote-colored in Nahuatl, an American Indian language spoken in central and western Mexico. The color that inspired our founder 30 years ago has finally come full circle. Introducing Coyuchi Cotton: a 100% organic strain of brown cotton—untouched by dyes, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.

I love this because we hear coyote behind our house down by the river all the time.


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