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Getting Safer Products Into The Hands of Everyone

Almost 5 years ago, I saw a post from a friend on Facebook about safer shampoo.  I messaged her "What are you talking about?" I did not know there is no regulation over the products we put on our hair and skin every single day.  I assumed, like most people, that the FDA governed the industry, regulated the industry and kept us safe.  (Watch this testimony at a hearing before a Congressional subcommittee in December 2019.  EYE opening!

The friend who had made the post about safer shampoo introduced me to Beautycounter products. I loved how they performed and I loved the mission of the company - to get safer products into the hands of everyone - using education, advocacy work and a high performing safer product line.

I was not looking for a new job. I was not looking for a side gig.  I was not wanting to sell anything.  I did not wear makeup except mascara every day.

But the mission grabbed me and I was so angry about the products I had been putting on my girls their whole lives, I checked out Beautycounter.  I made Brian, my husband with his 25+ years of sales and MBA, check out the company to make sure it was legitimate.

Here I am now loving the community, income opportunity, and products. Come on this journey with me. Progress, not perfection.


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