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Vegan TREAT!!!

How did I not know about Tabitha Brown until a few weeks ago? She is a force of nature and a dynamo for vegan cooking.

She introduced me to jack fruit in a can from Trader Joe's as a substitute for beef or pork. I made her jack fruit crock pot 'beef' stew and while I did not have any problem with the taste or consistency of the jack fruit, I was not a huge fan of the stew overall. She demonstrated this recipe on Red Table Talk.

So I took my mother-in-law's awesome beef stew recipe that I have made for 27 years or so now and just substituted jack fruit for the stew beef pieces and vegetable broth with liquid smoke for the beef broth. It was awesome! Next, I am going to replace the stew beef pieces in my mom's pepper steak recipe with jack fruit. I am expecting great results again.


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