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STOP wasting product

I posted a blog last month about my favorite multi-taskers. But that is just one way to maximize your product budget.

I know I might be a little bit cheap but I don't think I'm overly frugal. I love a great price on a product, but I also want it to perform and last awhile.

So here are tips for your products so that you are not WASTING them!

The first tip is the AMOUNT of product that you are using. I do so many one-on-one consultations with ladies via Zoom and in-person where most people want to just squeeze out or pump out WAY too much product. The great thing about high performing products with Beautycounter is that they are super concentrated so a little truly goes a long way. Check out the picture below of the amount of product needed from the anti-aging Countertime line to see what I mean.

And this doesn't just go for skincare. This is also true for Beautycounter's makeup. Let me give you 2 examples. Have you used the new Creamy Concealer? Such a tiny amount covers my dark areas under my eyes and on my eyelids. And a Hollywood makeup artist reiterated this point on her LIVE on Instagram one day showing how very little of the concealer is needed to get great coverage. My second example of using too much product with Beautycounter's makeup is the Beyond Gloss. I recently had a client tell me that she did not like it because it was too tacky for her. I have not had that comment before, and I followed up to ask if she was using the tiniest amount because the lip products from Beautycounter are so pigmented you don't need much. She texted right back and confirmed "Less gloss worked!"

In both of these makeup examples, using the applicator with the product can get too much product on your skin or lip. I prefer to use my fourth finger to just dab the slightest amount of product and then press it where I need it.

The second tip is using ALL OF THE PRODUCT IN THE CONTAINER. Here are a few examples.

When you are using Beautycounter's Clean Deo or some other clean deodorant, use a small applicator like you would use for sampling with me or for applying your face mask to dig out the product that gets left below the rim of the container. You can also just dig out the leftover deodorant product with your fingers and apply it just like many do with deodorants that are 'pit pastes'.

For Beautycounter's skincare products that are in glass bottles with pump dispensers, about 10 days worth of product remains in the bottle after the pump no longer pumps out any product. So turn the bottle upside down for those last 10 days of product and retrieve the remaining product with the tube attached to the pump and/or your pinky finger.

And lastly, for products that are still in plastic tubes (Beautycounter will soon be moving almost all products to glass or aluminum #sustainability), get all the product in that tube by cutting off the end with scissors and securing it with a binder clip.

Sign up for a consultation with me if you think you are using too much product OR want to figure out the best products for you for summer.


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