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Simple sustainable changes in your home

Piggy backing off of the blog I posted a week ago about your purchasing power and choices, I wanted to add some simple changes you can make in your home that work toward sustainability overall.

And if you haven't yet watched David Attenborough's new short series A Perfect Planet I highly recommend it to really get slapped in the face about the changes on the planet and how this will change the way we live in the very near future.

So any little - or big- things each of us do matters.

So here are a few new examples of easy things to do in your home:

Use cold water when washing your clothes.

High-efficiency washers and modern detergents get your clothes clean without needing hot water. Your clothes will look newer longer.

Buy recycled products.

Buying products made with recycled materials is good for the environment and creates more demand that encourages more recycling. Last week, I shared that I purchased from for new iPhone covers.

Use dryer balls.

Dryer balls keep your clothes separated as they tumble, increasing airflow and dryer efficiency. I shared options for these before.

Line-dry your clothes.

Better than a dryer is drying your clothes on a line the old-fashioned way. You can get the benefits of both by line-drying to start and finishing with a few minutes of tumbling in your dryer. To this end, I had Brian install a bar in my new laundry room so that I can hang things (and it is right in front of a window for fresh air :))

I am also trying to organize my office desk drawer, bureau jewelry drawer and bathroom items drawer using Beautycounter's Countertime eye cream glass jar and supreme cream glass jar. But because these products last for about 6 months each, I am not going to have enough for much organizing any time soon. If you are local in RVA, please consider saving these jars for me to come pick up off your front porch unless you are going to use them for the same reason yourself!!!

And see how cute the glass jars are repurposed as mini planters in the picture below. (photo credit Kristi H.)


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