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My girls are now adults! WOW how time flies. I wish I had known about safer products when I was pregnant with them and when they were little. Luckily, we have slowly but surely transferred to safer products and healthier foods over the last 10 years. I found that for our family, a gradual change worked better in some cases. The foods my girls WANT to eat now compared to 10 years ago is drastically different. When they look at skincare or haircare or sunscreen, they ask me to check the ingredients for safety.

My first choice for safer products is Beautycounter because of the way the company goes above and beyond for a safer product and its high performance - not just safer ingredients. I love sending new moms a safer product for baby and a safer product for the mom. While the ever popular and multi-use Baby Balm is staying in the Beautycounter lineup (though it will have a more general 'balm' name later this year), the infant wash, infant oil and infant diaper cream are being discontinued (as are the child shampoo, conditioner and body wash).

So to stay with safer products that actually perform for infants, I appreciate my friends especially - Tabitha and MaryAnne - for recommending California Baby and Bobo Baby. And, as always, you can look at the free app from the Environmental Working Group Healthy Living for safer infant products.

And for ALL things safer BABY, check out the VP of Social Mission for Beautycounter's website.

Scroll down to Non-toxic Baby and Motherhood.

And for those of you that loved Beautycounter's Kids Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash, (and I know there were many!) consider the Daily Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash from Beautycounter instead. Save your pump containers from the Kids version and refill with the Daily version. Your kids will notice a different fruity, clean smell but all of the safety factors remain. If you need hair products with more hydration, check out Rahua hair products. If your kids like a more 'outdoorsy' clean scent, consider Beautycounter's Counterman Body Wash (and it's in a large pump like they are used to).


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