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No regulation here either folks

Essential oils are everywhere. There is little regulation over them much like the personal care product and cosmetics industry.

Thanks to my sweet friend Ky, I recently found Rocky Mountain Oils. Here is some information about this company: "principles of integrity, quality, purity, and sustainability became the founding pillars for Rocky Mountain Oils". Read more about the sourcing, testing and sustainability on the website. Plus, new customers get 10% off.

For more information about essential oils in general, click here for a Michigan State University Center for Research on Ingredient Safety.

Here's a snapshot of some of the Michigan State information:

How do I find quality essential oils?

Currently, no U.S. regulatory agency certifies or approves essential oils for their quality and purity. Manufacturers use many marketing terms, such as “therapeutic grade” or “pure” to sell products. However, those terms do not reflect the product’s quality. It’s important to look at the manufacturer and read the ingredient labels before purchasing an essential oil to understand what the product contains. While there is no certificate for essential oils, reputable companies will identify the plant ingredient, typically by the formal Latin name, as well as the extraction process used to produce the essential oil.

A word of caution.

Aromatherapists and many holistic medical practitioners are not credentialed medical doctors and are unable to provide the same level of care as a state-licensed and credentialed medical doctor. Essential oils are not regulated pharmaceuticals like prescription drugs, which means they haven’t undergone the intensive research required for FDA-regulated medications. While essential oils are not regulated drugs, they are not harmless. If misused, they can cause harm and should only be used responsibly and kept out of the reach of children. Additionally, using essential oils, especially ingesting oils, in an attempt to treat medical conditions can cause serious bodily harm. It’s important to talk with a state licensed and credentialed medical expert before beginning treatment, holistic or otherwise, for any medical ailment.

I like to keep a peppermint oil roller in my bag for nausea and for when my too-sensitive sense of smell needs a little help. 👃🏻😉


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