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My Website WHY

As a mom, I would do anything for my girls. Over the past 20 years, we have had significant challenges with both girls' health.

The human body is an integrated machine. All the parts work together.

In trying to find solutions to my girl’s challenges, I found myself asking: How much does the exposure to chemicals and unsafe or questionable ingredients influence our children's health?

When I started to look for an answer, I realized the differences in the ingredients in food and products between MY childhood and my girls' childhoods is staggering. Since the 1950s in the US beauty industry, over 80,000 ingredients have been introduced while less than 20% have ever been tested for safety in humans.

Less than 20%!

And this is progress, not perfection. We work every day on improving what goes in, on and around the girls’ bodies.

And along the way I’ve learned so much about personal care product ingredients that I’ve shared with friends, family and anyone who asked – as well as cleaner food, safer cleaning products and the list goes on.

I have included a lot of information on this website. Please email me if you are looking for an answer to a question and cannot find the answer here. My email is

Let’s figure out how to incorporate safer products into your life and help you on your journey.


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