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Do you get excited about MULTIVITAMINS?!?! No? I never have either, until now…

How do you know which vitamins to take?

MEOLOGY* - spend just a few minutes taking the Meology* assessment and based on her biology, lifestyle, and health goals, Meology* matches you with the nutrients you need to be the best version of yourself…every day.

I have had better sleep, better energy and better digestion (💩) since starting the vitamins and supplements 3 weeks ago. I purchased the vitamins in the regular bottles. I am taking the Vita leaf Gold and the Osteomatrix daily with meals. I also have a Lifeshake every morning with Collagen9 added. And at night, I take Rest and Rewind for sleep.

Meology* also provides daily supplement packs that are pre-portioned and easy to take, simplifying your daily routine. This convenience means you don’t have to manage multiple bottles or remember different dosages, making it easier to stay consistent with your daily supplement regimen.

I also put my vitamins and supplements on a loyalty order to get the best bang for my buck!

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