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Life Path

How do you know you are on the right path for your life?

Sometimes you get signs from others where you would not expect them.

Here are 2 signs that I was on the right track from just a few years ago.

Sign #1

Five years ago, my oldest was a junior in high school. She is a super sweet and sensitive young woman. With many health issues, it was a difficult time for her. One of her outlets is acting and she was starting rehearsals for a play called The Dining Room. The director asked each of them to write about an experience around the dining table in their house. We sat around our dining room maybe twice a year - at Thanksgiving and for Christmas Eve. So I had no idea what she would write about.

My heart jumped when I read what she wrote. She shared about her mom in her late 40s, starting on a new business venture ON THE DINING ROOM TABLE and how proud of me she was. It was a sign I was on the right path.

Sign #2

Similarly, about 3 years ago, when my mom and dad were visiting, my mom and I were at the kitchen table having breakfast. Out of the blue, she said to me, “I just want to let you know that I am very proud of you and the work you are doing. You are a lot like my mom. She was always reaching out and trying to help people.” (Insert tears here.) I knew I was doing the right thing.

This was huge. You see, my mom's mom died of cancer in her reproductive organs before I was born. Like many women of her day, she regularly used baby powder.

Have you heard of the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson for knowingly continuing to sell a product that contained cancerous ingredients? Have you seen the testimony on Capitol Hill fighting for regulation over the $70 billion beauty industry here in the US showing the emails from J&J indicating their knowledge of the cancer-causing ingredients?

In May 2020, J&J announced that they will no longer be selling their baby powder in the U.S. While I am glad about this, it is too late for me to ever get to know my maternal grandmother. Or for me to be able to know if the harmful ingredients I put on my 2 girls until 5 years ago influenced their health issues.

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