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How to Get Started With Your Personal Pantry

One of the key steps for me for creating a healthier refrigerator and pantry in my home was finding the time to actually plan and execute.  So find 1 to 3 hours that you can devote.  Once you have decided what you want your healthier eating to look like, clean out the refrigerator.  Clean out the pantry.  Get rid of items that do not serve your plan.  You can donate to local food pantries.  Next, find a few hours to meal plan.  Make a HUGE ASS grocery store list.  Next, find the time to do the actual shopping of the needed items.  Again, you can do a combination of local produce, local grocery stores and online shopping.  TIP:  Make sure you have staples in the pantry and freezer.  This way, you always have a snack to grab or a meal to make.  I love keeping vegan sausage patties and eggs for an easy breakfast or breakfast for dinner.


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