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I have been using Beautycounter's brow pencil for years to fill in the missing hairs and create a great frame for my face. This is just about a daily habit for me along with Dewskin Tinted Moisturizer with spf. Unfortunately, this product is being discontinued by Beautycounter.

But have no fear - is here!!!!

I have already found a great safer, high performing replacement for you. Check out the brow pencil by Honest Beauty (EWG verified).

I like the Ash Blonde and Warm Blonde (darker than you'd think from the name). There is also Warm Brunette, Ash Brunette and Soft Black. I love how easily this formula glides on as I make my small marks mimicking hair. You can also purchase these on Amazon.

For those of us #betterwithage, paying attention to your brows and giving them some love to frame your face every day is important.

If you are local to RVA, I highly recommend Alla @allatheesty or Susann @susannhealthyskin at Rituals Salon and Spa for brow waxing and/or tinting. We all need a little help y'all!


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