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Ditch and switch - dry shampoo

Not long ago, a recall was announced on popular sunscreens found with benzene, a cancer-causing chemical. More recently, many dry shampoos have been found to contain benzene.

Advocating for updated laws for the $70 billion/year personal care product and cosmetic industry in the US has been a mainstay of my work with Beautycounter. ALL products should be safe for use.

So ditch any unsafe or even untested (do your favorite products' companies test for safety of ingredients?) dry shampoo in your bag or drawer or on your counter.

My favorite alternative is Primarlly Pure's Naturally Dry Shampoo and it comes in 2 shades - Light Locks and Dark Locks.

And don't forget about EWG's Healthy Living App as a great resource. I always click on the overall numerical rating to see the specifics. For this product, you can see that all of the ingredients rated a 1 expect for the Mint Leaf and it's score is a 4 because it may be an allergy concern for some.

(And in a pinch remember you can always use your Beautycounter Mattifying Powder as dry shampoo! It's a great multi-tasker! You know I love multi-taskers!!!)

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Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Jun 18, 2022

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