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Dermaplaning benefits

Have your girlfriends been talking about dermaplaning?

I had this done for the first time pre-COVID by my favorite aesthetician because I was not comfortable with the amount of hair showing up ALL OVER my face with menopause. In addtion to removing hair that I was embarrassed about, other big benefits of professional dermaplaning came my way too.

Dermaplaning, which a lot of women are talking about right now, is an in-office procedure that’s more about exfoliation than shaving. It’s not something you should ever try at home, warns Dr. Daniel Maman, an NYC-based plastic surgeon and assistant clinical professor of plastic surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital. “Dermaplaning uses a specialized scalpel, held at a 45-degree angle to the face, to mechanically remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells,” he explains.

The goal is removing skin, not hair, though that’s often welcome side effect. In addition to trying to navigate facial contours with a very sharp object, “patients themselves will have difficulty judging exactly how deep and how extensive the shaving of superficial dead skin cells should be,” Dr. Maman adds.

I did not know that so much dead skin was going to also come off my face along with the unwanted hair. The brightness and softness of my skin afterward was AMAZING.

Plus, once all the hair and dead skin cells are removed, my skincare and makeup go on so much smoother.

If you are more inclined to dermaplane yourself, check out these tips. No judgment. I am too scared to do it myself.

And be prepared for your skin to feel a little windburned after the procedure for a few days. I just heaped on the Beautycounter Balancing Oil and Cleansing Balm and then the Countertime Supreme Cream while I slept.

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