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Cotton Rounds for Makeup Removal

For every day, one-time use, organic cotton rounds rock BUT they are not environmentally friendly.  Switch out to reusable organic cotton rounds.  They work just the same.  You can wash them in the washing machine with your weekly pile of washcloths (remember to use a clean washcloth every night and every morning when you cleanse your face.)  The ones I purchased came with a small bag for washing them.  I appreciate the bag because I feel like these would end up like socks - constantly disappearing!!

And for days or nights when you just can't manage to wash your face as you would like, keep a stash of Beautycounter makeup wipes on hand.  They are made with safer ingredients.  They remove all makeup including waterproof mascara.  And they are biodegradable in your backyard compost.  Perfect for travel, the RV and actors/actresses! Such a win!!!


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