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CHEEKY and more!

I have posted many times how much I love multi-tasking products (that are safer and high performing).

Beautycounter recently launched Cheeky Cream Cream blush and this highly pigmented and SUPER creamy formula is a triple threat!

First, it does what it's called - gives cream beautiful blush on your cheeks.

Second, it creates a beautiful cream eyeshadow.

Third, it makes a creamy and matte lip color for those of you looking for matte.

If you loved Beautycounter's Pinch Blushers, you will love the new Cheeky Cream Blush. Plus, the packaging rocks because it's cute AND it's Beautycounter's second refillable package (Clean Deo was the first). So once you use up your first cream blush pan, starting in January 2022 you will be able to purchase the pan refill! Here are the color suggestions for the old Pinch Blushers: If you loved Hibiscus, try Rosebud or Lychee. If you loved Caramel, try Chai. If you loved Umber, try Truffle or Goji.

Me in Truffle:

Me in Goji:


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