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Bag crazy!

So. Many. Bags. Who else always has way too many?

On my journey to reduce plastic overall and particularly single-use plastic, here are my Fall faves for all the bags in your life!

I shared this summer about these great totes made from recycled billboards from Rareform. Each one unique. But look at all the bags they have: totes, backpacks, fanny packs OMG!, cooler bags, duffles, messenger bags, wristlets, wallets, laptop sleeves, iPhone cases, toiletry cases...but I digress. BAGS.

Let's move on to poop bags. Yes, poop bags. 💩💩💩

For those of you that walk you dogs, please use biodegradeable bags (paid link) to pick it up. And for those of us with indoor cats and litter boxes, switch to biodegradeable bags for litter (paid link) cleaning and removal. And now many of you many be asking, why can't you just use the doggy poop bags for the litter? Because clumping litter full of urine with 2 cats is too much for one little dog poop bag. Sorry for the details.

This is Luna, star of my Instagram account. She gets way more likes than any of my other posts.

And now on to my favorite new bags from Stasher.

The replacement for ziploc bags. I have been using these for about a month now because I wanted to make sure they lived up to all the hype. Easy to use, easy to wash, zips closed, easy to store, free shipping with $40+ order. I have so far loved the snack size, sandwich size and half gallon. Check out the tiny pocket size and the stand up versions of all of these. Sign up with your email now and get 15% off your order.

Stasher bags are made from platinum silicone (only the best), which does not degrade over time. From freezer to microwave, from oven to dishwasher, Stasher bags are made to last, each one keeping thousands of single-use plastics out of our oceans and landfills.

Stasher bags are completely free of BPA, BPS, lead, latex, and phthalates.

Stasher has passed all U.S. and Canadian food safety standards in addition to the most strict guidelines of all, the European Union food safety standard. Even our colorants, which give Stasher bags their “to-dye-for” hues, are completely safe for food.

It all started with a non-toxic silicone storage bag but since 2016, Stasher has grown into a movement that’s replaced over a billion single-use plastic bags from entering our oceans and landfills.


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