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All Purpose Cleaning

Some chemicals proven to be harmful are still being used in household cleaning products, and manufacturers are not required to disclose any of the ingredients on the product label. Fragrances and other toxic chemicals in cleaning products are causing a range of health problems. My favorite cleaning products come from Squeak out of Wilmington NC (B corp status coming soon!!). I use the ALL PERP spray on my kitchen counters every day; the glass/mirror cleaner; the mist for bathroom scent freshener, room freshener and furniture refresher; the TOO LEGIT TO QUIT for stubborn messes or sticky/tacky issues. My favorite ALL PERP spray is the peppermint/tea tree/lavender blend. Bonus: the refill comes in a small recyclable glass concentrate that you add to your existing spray bottle and purified or distilled water. Go to and use code cleanandbright10 for 10% off your purchase!


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