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One of the reasons I say yes to trying Shaklee's skincare was because most of the products are EWG verified. I was using the Healthy Living app from EWG to find products after Beautycounter unexpectedly shut down.

Nineteen products are EWG verified and many more are in the approval process. When a product is EWG verified, it means that it has met strict criteria for safety and transparency throughout the supply chain, making it a truly clean choice. One BIG difference between Shaklee and other brands out there — EWG does not allow labels to hide behind the word “fragrance,” which can be used to hide dozens of secret and harmful ingredients that never have to be shared with consumers due to a loophole! Look out for fragrance in a lot of products no matter where you shop! When you see EWG verified you know that a company has worked hard with scientists and environmental health experts to go through the certification!

Check all your household products and see if they’re verified or get ratings at or download the Healthy Living App by EWG! Learn more about this certification here:

Credit to Stacy Toth and Jen Ertl for some verbiage.

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