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A Golden Galentine's

This morning I Zoomed with a group of women for a Galentine's Glow Up. We focused on morning self care and inspiration. We laughed and shared and masked and glowed.

I sent samples of tea, vinegar shots, affirmation cards, and safer skin care, and we worked our way through each. This was about girlfriends supporting girlfriends and learning to give ourselves support and love. Starting with our thoughts as we wake up to how we choose to present ourselves to the world, the focus was on safer products and clean and bright living.

One great support for glowing is turmeric. This ingredient has many uses and we explored a few. It is included in the vinegar shot and the All Bright C serum. After the class, I made Golden Milk for the first time and it is delicious! (Another link to purchase the Vermont Village vinegar shot is with Thrive Market.)

My sweet friend Jennifer shared that using the Countertime products every day has become an easy routine not only because of how the products make her feel while applying them (think aromatherapy) and how the products perform for anti-aging skin care, but also because the stool she got herself and placed at her counter gives her a special place and special feel for this ritual.

Similarly, my new tea cups are so beautiful to me. I love the color blue and the shape of the cups. Little things like a tea cup or a stool can be very important to your self care routine so listen to your inner voice when it speaks. (Back up to the affirmation cards if you need help with your inner speak/talk/voice.)

Want to glow up with other gals or have an at-home facial party with your friends? I have been holding these classes regularly since late December and I appreciate the interaction, opportunity, and FUN. Email me to get on my list for the next class or to schedule for you and your friends.


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