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Vitamin C serum ✨✨

Beautycounter's All Bright Vitamin C serum was a fan favorite, one of my favorites, and the #1 selling product for the brand.

Consider Shaklee's YOUTH RADIANCE C + E serum! This powerful serum has 3 key factors: Vit C + Vit E + Raspberry Extract. Each of these ingredients alone are worthy of their own serum, but they work together to be a power house of action and plump, brighten, visibly reduce and prevent age spots, soften lines, and smooth skin texture.

These capsules!!! No more heavy hand mistakes, and they allow the serum to be preservative free which means every drop of this liquid gold is actively helping our skin. And they are biodegradable.

• 20% Vitamin C (we are used to 10% in All Bright) is a strong antioxidant that acts as a shield so free radicals bounce off the skin so they can't do the damage of causing cellular mutation/ age spots/ tumors etc.

• Vitamin E is THE classic go-to skin nourisher/healer. A few of its skin perks include: Anti-aging, encourage skin cell turnover, protect collagen from breaking down, moisture, some natural sun protection effects as it can absorb UV light, heals wounds, reduces inflammation, decreases hyperpigmentation, improved elasticity.

• Raspberry cell extract - This will help with elasticity, radiance and smoothness. Helps retain moisture and prevent water loss. It’s also an anti-inflammatory. This is great news for those who loved the All Bright serum because it too had anti-inflammatory properties which reduces redness and calms the skin. And a primary benefit of this being in a serum is that it reaches deep into the dermis. Its unique composition locks in moisture to maintain consistent hydration.

Credit to Stacy Toth and Jen Ertl for some verbiage.

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