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Impactful Book suggestion

Before I moved to Richmond 10 years ago, I was in a marvelous book club in Raleigh. So when I moved to Richmond, I reached out to ladies in my neighborhood to establish a book club that met once a month. When I was more organized, I would create a list over the summer with all of the ladies of possible book selections for the upcoming school year, and we would create our list of selections together. In the past 2 years or so, I have gotten pretty slack with organizing our group, and luckily several members of the book club have been offering suggestions for us.

I appreciate Kelley recommending this book for our book club selection for June - The Girl with the Louding Voice.

We discussed The Girl with the Louding Voice while social distancing in my driveway and garage.

I love when books I read are super impactful. The first person voice used throughout the book for the main character was so strong and clear. I felt this young woman knew herself. I wonder if all of our ‘noise’ in the US drowns out some of our ability to know ourselves.

Her story was super difficult and eye opening. The problems for women in some places in the world are still so horrific it is hard to wrap our 21st century free-in-America brains around the every day violence and oppression of little girls. The disparity of wealth in Nigeria is staggering. The ability for any girl to prosper and grow and become all they can is a miracle.

I highly recommend reading this novel not only for the education of a place we rarely hear about or have ever studied in school, but also because the strength of the characters is a true inspiration.


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