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Body Scrubs for Relaxation

Relax with a shower or bath and a safer body scrub like Beautycounter's Sugar Body Scrub in Lemongrass.  This is a shower or bath not because you need to get clean, but because you need a minute or a break.  Use a product with a great scent.  Use a product like a scrub on your feet or hands or an oil to soak in or a face oil to massage into your temples. 

User tip for scrubs: I LOVE that a Beautycounter client of mine shared with me years ago that she loves our Sugar Body Scrub and keeps it in her gym bag so that she can use it in the shower at the gym so that the luxurious oil is left behind there instead of in her home tub/shower!! Less cleaning for you!  (I just wipe down the tub or shower after use at home with the washcloth I just used.  15 seconds of wiping saves a lot of time later with dried product or product buildup).


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