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Safe Scents

Scents can take you back to a time or a place or a memory.  As a teen, I wore a scent with Jasmine.  For many years, Brian would comment on that scent and how it made him remember me in high school (yes, we dated for 4 months when we were Juniors in high school before I moved 9 hours away). 

In my 30s, I discovered a beachy scent by a well-known brand that I loved wearing because the beachy scent would carry me back to times at the beach with so many friends (it is my happy place). When I learned that perfumes and colognes are one of the biggest offenders for harmful ingredients, I stopped wearing anything. 

AND THEN--YAY!  A few years ago, Beautycounter offered a large bar soap (should be called bar oil it is so luxurious) and a melting body balm both in - you guessed it - the beachy scent I love!  (It's called Monoi by the way.  Live and learn.)  So I love using both of these products to get my beach fix.  For those of you that also love Jasmine, you could use Beautycounter's Plumping Face Oil with Jasmine on your neck and wrists and other pulse points.  

Another option is to check out Henry Rose perfumes.  Henry Rose scents are EWG verified and I love their motto: Fine fragrances have always been shrouded in secrets. Proprietary formulas sound romantic and intriguing, but the truth is, you have no idea what you’re putting on your skin. We’re removing the last black box in the beauty industry, and revealing our mystery.


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