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If you're like me, this time of year requires a great lip balm. For years now, my go to product is Beautycounter's Lip Conditioner in Peppermint. I especially love it now because of the fresh peppermint scent under a face mask. Beautycounter's Lip Conditioner in Peppermint and Calendula will be placed on the LAST CHANCE list on February 1 - but no worries! They will be be making a return to the regular lineup. STAY TUNED.

I have previously shared about the HURRAW! brand of lip balms. These balms are high performing and safer and come at a nice price point. I love the mint and the spf sticks from this line. Easy to pop in your pocket! You can purchase on Amazon or at HURRAW.

Here's the update!!! For YEARS, clients have asked me for an UNSCENTED lip balm that is high performing and safer. Thanks to my friend Tabitha, I now have one to suggest! Check out Portland Bee Balm. Their philsophy: As active participants of the world we live in we strive to create meaningful, useful products that are genuinely natural, add value to people’s lives, and help bring awareness of our role in the natural environment. With a focus on creating a simple and pure product, we make Portland Bee Balm with beeswax from Pacific Northwest hives, adding a select handful of carefully sourced organic and local ingredients. Then we wrap the balms in real wood instead of processed paper and present them in lovingly handcrafted reusable or recyclable displays.

From the ingredients we source, to the packaging we use, to our interactions with customers, we work to be a business that supports the health and well-being of the environment, our community, and of course, bees and their keepers.

I have tried the mint and the unscented from Portland Bee Balm and love both! These balms are also in a small stick - great size for your pocket. For those truly bothered by scent whether because of skin sensitivity or because of a sensitive nose, the unscented really is unscented. I smell no scent at all. And just like Hurraw brand, these are nicely priced. You can purchase on the company website or on Amazon.

And another quick mention of my friend Tabitha! She just opened her physical store Minimal Optimist in Knoxville Tennnesse. So if you're in Knoxville, stop by and tell her Becky sent you. Otherwise, shop all her curated items online.



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